I can do it! All of the things!

It was 7:51 am. School/work departure time iIMG_0276s 8:00 am. I was finishing breakfast. My hair was still damp (it’s 10 degrees out). And, I still needed to take Tristan outside to do his thing. I told my daughter I had to do these three things, to which she replied, “Mom, it’s 7:51!” Don’t worry, I said. I can do it. I can do all of the things!

I have a friend who likes to joke about racing here and there, and doing this and that. You know, partaking in this hectic adventure we call life. Her phrase is “I hate everything. All. Of. The. Things.” She still cracks me up every time she says it.

So this morning, I turned to my daughter and I said, “I can do it. I can do all of the things.” (Yes, I did manage to do all three of those things in …ok, fine, we left at 8:02 today. So I did all of the things in 11 minutes. Not bad, right?)

At lunch hour, I came home to let Tristan out again (so as not to make him hold it for 9 + hours) and I rediscovered the note on the counter top (that I just got from my daughter Wednesday night, mind you). Tomorrow is Greek mythology party day in social studies. Please feel free to bring in a Greek dish so each student can sample it. Your child gets extra credit on the exam. “How about Greek yogurt?” I had asked the night before. Nope. She wants to take in a Greek salad. Dammit. PS – I also learned (also on Wednesday night) that she has two tests on Friday. AND there is a PTO meeting at 6:00 Thursday night. Pile it on, baby, pile it on. I can do it! I can do all of the things!

My friend sends me a recipe for Greek salad. Okay, doesn’t look too bad. Except the homemade dressing. Not doing that. I’m certain they sell red wine vinaigrette in a bottle. I can hit the grocery store after work, then go home, then make the PTO meeting at 6:00 and still be home by 7:00 to visit with my sister-in-law and show her what summer dresses I have that she can borrow. (She leaves for Florida tomorrow. It’s going to be zero for a high here on Saturday. Yes. Zero.)

I head back to work, reminding myself, I can do all of the things. As I’m pulling back into work, I realize I hadn’t eaten lunch. I pull a U-turn, and head to Subway.

Here is a recap on how things really went down. I texted my mom around 2:30. She was picking my daughter up at school so I asked if she minded checking the local grocery store deli for Greek salad. She did one better. She called and asked. Yep, they have it. $5.00/pound. Sounds great to me. I don’t care if it’s $10/pound. I’ll pay just about anything so I don’t have to make it.  Check it off the list!

On the way home, I did remember to stop and grab a bottle of cab for my SIL and I. We had some catching up to do. I made it home close to 5:30. My daughter promptly reminds me that she has two tests tomorrow and she really doesn’t want to go hang out at PTO tonight. Perfect, my sweet. I’d already secretly decided we weren’t going. Check it off the list!

So in the end, there was no homemade Greek salad and I didn’t make the PTO meeting. But my daughter and I had a lovely, quiet dinner in. And my SIl and I enjoyed each other’s company over a lovely bottle of Chilean cab (I did stop for that on the way home). And she felt like she hit the jackpot with the dresses she scored for her week in Florida.

I can certainly do some of the things. And do them well.






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